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Paris When It Sizzles!

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Paris When it Sizzles!

When Annie Porter received the letter from the Framboise champagne company, she was thrilled.  She was a finalist!  Her romantic fantasy was one of four chosen by the judges.  If she made it through the next round, scheduled to take place in Paris, she would have the job as Framboise spokesperson, Romance Ambassador to the world!  The news couldn't have come at a better time.  her job as a tabloid journalist was draining her skills, energy and dignity.  How many articles could one person write about Elvis, naughty princes, and aliens from the planet Zeegor?

Determined to beat out the competition, Annie met a formidable opponent in Trevor Case.  A slick, high-profile trial attorney, 'Casanova Case' was a winner in court and out.  With a voice like velvet and steely gray eyes that could melt a woman's resolve, Case had a distinct advantage -- a male advantage.

Trevor wasn't even supposed to be involved inthis contest.  But just when he was about to withdraw, he met Annie.  Small, feisty, and dressed to kill, Annie presented a challenge -- and that was the one thing Trevor Case couldn't resist.

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Paris When It Sizzles!

Meteor Kismet Romance #165, August 1993
ISBN# 1-56597-080-2

Paris When It Sizzles!  

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