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Always a Bridesmaid

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They were her family, and each one counted on Maggie Wentworth to solve their problems. She couldn't see the situation changing, especially when sister Kit was having a baby, Alex was going through a midlife crisis at thirty, and Mother was acting odd -- even for her.

Maggie could never leave Minnesota, not even for John Meredith, who tried using his wit -- and even seduction -- to worm his way into Maggie's heart. What he didn't know was that he already had. But could Maggie give John what he needed, when it meant letting go?

Always a Bridesmaid

Always a Bridesmaid (Japanese)

Harlequin American Romance #266, October 1988
Book 3, Wentworth Sisters trilogy
ISBN# 0-373-16266-9


Always a Bridesmaid  

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