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Best Wishes

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Known as the Grande Dame of the Rockies, The Stanley Hotel had its share of legends.  But when a mysterious stranger gave front-desk manager Hayley Austin a magic golden apple, she didn't know she was about to make history.

The apple was famous -- as Hayley soon discovered when a horde of apple hunters descended upon The Stanley.  Hayley was caught up in the fever, which is why she told no one about her newest possession.

Not even Mason Wilder. With his steely blue eyes, Mason was the man Hayley had dreamed of, the man her heart wished for.  Was it sheer coincidence?  Or was the apple truly magic?

Best Wishes

Best Wishes (Japanese)
La pomme d'or (French)

Harlequin American Romance #329, February 1990
Book 1, Rocky Mountain Magic subseries
ISBN# 0-373-16329-0


Best Wishes  

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