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Calling Mr. Right

'The Hot Zone'

Prim and proper Nell McCabe couldn't believe she was the sultry host of the provocative radio call-in show 'The Hot Zone.' She was willing to
do almost anything to save the radio station, but organizing a huge Valentine's 2000 bash? Matching up couples on the air? Okay, she'd do
it...until sexy, mysterious "John Jones" called in and set her pulse racing.

The last thing she wanted was to fix him up with any woman other than herself!

Calling Mr. Right

Verrassend koppel  (Dutch)
Bei Kummer diese Nummer (German)
Buscando al hombre perfecto (Spanish)
À Procura Do Homem Perfeito (Portuguese)

Harlequin Duets #19, January 2000
ISBN# 0-373-44085-5

Calling Mr. Right  

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