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Crafty Cat Crimes

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The game is afoot, and the four-footed are its most cunning players in "Crafty Cat Crimes." In one hundred cagey cat tales, the largest
literary litter of kitty crimestoppers ever convened in one volume prowl the mean streets in pursuit of feline felons, justice, just desserts --
and the occasional pat on the head.

You don't have to be a cat lover to enjoy these stories of crime and intrigue. "Crafty Cat Crimes" includes selections to suit every
reader's taste: cat cozies for the domestic-minded, comic cat capers, even hardboiled escapades that mix cats and gats.

Authors include J.A. Jance, Barbara D'Amato, Barbara Paul, Dorothy Cannell, Max Allan Collins, Jon L. Breen, and Tracy Knight.

Crafty Cat Crimes

ISBN# 0-760-71582-3

Crafty Cat Crimes  

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