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Christmas In July

Kit kept reminding herself that she was only visiting.  If she didn't, her mother and four sisters would surely drive her to homicide or insanity.  The ''fabulous Wentworths,'' as they were known locally, were beautiful, dramatic and madcap.  Together, they charmed everyone, including Kit's best friend, Riley Cooper.  But they'd never charmed Kit, who planned to board the plane to New York right after the Wentworths' annual Christmas in July.

Riley had different plans. Kit belonged in St. Paul, he felt.  She belonged with her family.  She belonged wth him -- and the time was long past for a showdown.  One way or another, there were going to be fireworks...

Christmas In July

Noël en juillet (French)
Süsser Trotzkopf Kittie (German)
Christmas In July (Japanese)

Harlequin American Romance #207, July 1987
Book 1, Wentworth Sisters trilogy
ISBN# 0-373-16207-3

Christmas In July  

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