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Dream Lover

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He appeared on a dark and stormy night.  The doors blew open, lightning lit the sky -- and there he was, too handsome for his own good, a specter from the past.

But wait a minute.  Saskia Truelove didn't believe for one minute that her eccentric aunts and their crazy hocus pocus could conjure up the likes of this guy, even if she had heard them casting spells in the
attic (and almost burning the all of Wynnwood down in the process).

No way.  Connor Wynn, descendent of the very Commodore Wynn who'd built the place, was all man and very real.  And if it seemed that she had met him somewhere before, if he got a little odd now and again in the dark of night, well, that was normal.  Or as normal as anything where the Trueloves were concerned.

Dream Lover

L’uomo delle stelle (Italian)

Harlequin American Romance #535, May 1994
ISBN# 0-373-16535-8


Dream Lover  

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