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Fantasy Wife

Single dad Alex Thornhill could manage multimillion-dollar deals, but he couldn't manage his own children...and neither could anyone else!  What his two little girls needed most was a mommy.  What Alex needed was a fantasy wife.

Setting his sights on Sabina Charles, the glamorous, best-selling author of The No-Fuss Guide to Parenting, Alex vowed to woo her and wed her. As he set out on his mission to restore order to his home life, he
discovered that Sabina might be the image of serenity and grace, but it
was her feisty assistant Meg who really got under his skin.

But if Alex couldn't even control his incorrrigible daughters, how on earth was he going to handle irresistible Meg Kaczmarowski?

Fantasy Wife

Speciale New York! (Italian)
Reddende engel (Dutch)
Genau die Richtige (German)

Harlequin American Romance #593, August 1995
Waldenbooks Bestseller
ISBN# 0-373-16593-5

Fantasy Wife  

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