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50 Ways to Lure Your Lover

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When freelance writer Mabel Ivey is offered a full-time job at Real Men magazine -- the magazine dedicated to helping women find real-life heroes -- she jumps at the chance. She's not sure whether to be complimented or insulted, however, when her first story is a makeover -- her makeover!

Then Mabel learns that the photographer chronicling her every new hairstyle and sexy new dress is none other than gorgeous Trace Cameron. Turning him on is the ultimate challenege, but once Trace is interested, she realizes she has a new problem on her hands. Is Trace after the new and improved Mabel? Or the real woman beneath the fancy clothes?

50 Ways to Lure Your Lover

    Just wear a tight dress, Tess.
    Put streaks in your hair, Claire.
    Make the boy wait, Kate.
    Polish your toes, Rose.
    Show off some leg, Meg.
    Bare your new tan, Ann.
    Moan on the phone, Joan.
    Dance until dawn, Fawn.
    Give 'em a thrill, Jill.
    Buy lingerie, Kay.
    Get a tattoo, Sue.
    Dangle your key, Dee.
    Make love on a train, Jane.
    Kiss and don't tell, Nell...

50 Ways to Lure Your Lover

50 Ways to Lure Your Lover (Korean)
Männer mögen’s heiß  (German)
Opdracht geslaagd  (Dutch)
50 Kiat Memikat Pria Idaman  (Indonesian)
Myška, nebo Tygrice?  (Czech)
Közelkép (Hungarian)

Harlequin Love & Laughter #65, April 1999
ISBN# 0-373-44-65-0


50 Ways to Lure Your Lover  

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