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Finn's Angel

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She was "America's Most Wanted."  She didn't know how, she didn't know why, but Angie Marie Boone was suddenly on the lam.  And until she could prove she was only the unfortunate scapegoat in a cat-and-mouse scam, her only choice was to keep moving.

She caught the first train to nowhere...but in an isolated rail station she found more trouble.  And his name was Finn Sheridan.

Dusty cowboy boots, long, lean legs encased in skintight denim, ice-blue eyes that stared straight through her...and a mesmerizing, hypnotizing voice.  If only she wasn't on the run...

But Angie didn't have time to catch her breath, as the sexy stranger swept her up in his arms.  In a matter of minutes, she had not only become a fugitive from justice, but also a damsel in distress.

Finn's Angel

Hemels genot  (Dutch)
Flucht in deine Arme (German)

Harlequin American Romance #471, January 1993
ISBN# 0-373-16471-8



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