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Hot Prospect

Hot prospects?

Chicago cop Jake Calhoun is used to playing by the rules. But that's all for nothing when he's forced to team up with civilian insider Zoe Kidd, posing as romantic honeymooners at a resort. Flaky Zoe has no real job, reads tarot cards and claims to be psychic -- not exactly ''marriage'' material for Jake. But her pert little body -- and the cozy bedroom -- has him constantly thinking about s-e-x.

Zoe's never met anyone like sexy, blue-eyed Jake. Okay, so he's got too many rules and is far too straight, but his karma is calling out to her. And she's determined to help play detective on his quirky case, despite his protests. But as they maintain their cover as loving newlyweds, it's harder and harder to stop thinking about s-e-x.

The prospects for them slipping under the covers are heating up!

Hot Prospect

Primo contatto (Italian)
Oord van verleiding (Dutch)
Καπριτσια τες Τυχης (Greek)

Harlequin Temptation #957, January 2004
True Blue Calhouns miniseries

Hot Prospect  

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