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It's In His Kiss

Rumour has it that the Inn at Maiden Falls is haunted by a group of shady ladies who have a few things to atone for...

Meet Rose Tate who’s determined to make up for the past when the Inn was a, uh, bordello. The ghostly matchmaker is supposed to be helping Ned Mulgrew and his snooty fiancee find marital bliss. Except after one look at the sexy lawyer, Rose wants Ned for herself.

Rose has got more than a few tricks she could try on Ned in the bedroom. And after one sizzling kiss, Ned is ready to take on anything—including a woman who keeps disappearing into thin air unexpectedly.

But can Rose ultimately convince a lovestruck Ned to accept less than a flesh and blood woman?

It's In His Kiss

August 2004
Temptation #985
Amores de otro mundo (Spanish)
Ο Θρυλος του Μεϊντεν Φολς (Greek)
Celestiale e proibito (Italian)

It's In His Kiss  

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