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Lizzie's Last-Chance Fiancé

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Bridesmaid Lizzie Muldoon has resolved to go stag to the weekend-long Bellamy society wedding. Except her "well-meaning" friends, poor
planning and a big secret have Lizzie hooked up with not one, not two, but three fake fiances!

Groomsman Joe Bellamy stands head and shoulders above the others, a real man amid a sea of imposters, and he has Lizzie wishing he were the real
thing. Joe believes in truth, honesty, simple virtues. So why is this stand-up guy 'pretendin' to be Lizzie's lover as if he means business?

Is he...the one?

Lizzie's Last-Chance Fiancé

Bitte jetzt nicht stören (German)

Harlequin American Romance #782, July 1999
Book 1, The Wedding Party subseries
ISBN# 0-373-16782



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