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Naked Came the Farmer

'A human head crashes through a window. A naked woman zooms by on a motorcycle, a sleazy lawmaker gets an arrow in the back. That's life in Central Illinois - or at least the twisted version of Central Illinois concocted by 13 writers collaborating on a tongue-in-cheek mystery.' So writes Christopher Wills of the Associated Press in his recent article covering the new serial novel, Naked Came the Farmer ('A Round-Robin Rural Romance Murder Mystery'). Building on the success of Naked Came the Stranger - a collaborative effort of 20 Newsday staffers back in 1969 - and on the success of Naked Came the Manatee - a suspense thriller cooked up by 13 Miami-based writers in 1995 - now comes Naked Came the Farmer, a satirical, round-robin murder mystery drawing on the talents of some of Illinois' top writers.


Chapter One — 'Naked Came the Farmer,' by Philip Jose Farmer;

Chapter Two — 'Seeing Red,' by Bill Knight;

Chapter Three — 'Mad Mux,' by David Everson;

Chapter Four — 'Lagoon Interlude,' by Jerry Klein;

Chapter Five — 'The Bridges of McLean County,' by Julie Kistler;

Chapter Six — 'Friends in Low Places,' by Nancy Atherton;

Chapter Seven — 'Prairie Dawgs,' by Steven Burgauer;

Chapter Eight — 'Get Your Motor Running,' by Joel Steinfeldt;

Chapter Nine — 'Morris the Explainer,' by Joseph Flynn;

Chapter Ten — 'Extra-Cellular Communication,' by Terry Bibo;

Chapter Eleven — 'Off the Beaten Track,' by Garry Moore;

Chapter Twelve — 'Porklips Nocturne,' by Tracy Knight;

Chapter Thirteen — 'Oh, Brother,' by Dorothy Cannell.

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All the profits from Naked Came the Farmer go to the Peoria Public Library.

Naked Came the Farmer



Naked Came the Farmer  

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