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Once Upon A Honeymoon

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Tripp Ashby actually had more women than he could handle!  Thanks to his matchmaking mom's personal ad proclaiming his supposed desire to marry, strange women were turning up naked in his shower, breaking into his cabin, car-jacking him -- and driving him nuts!

Bridget Emerick had bailed him out before, so why would she mind doing it again?  Sure, she was engaged to be married, and she couldn't stand his mother.  But how could she possibly resist a little dress rehearsal, especially with him as the groom?

Once Upon A Honeymoon

Bello, ricco e... (Italian)

Harlequin American Romance #557, November 1994
Book 2, STUDS subseries
ISBN# 0-373-16557-9


Once Upon A Honeymoon  

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