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Ryan's Bride

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Lockett Kensington, pampered and rich, faced the spectacular wedding of the year -- her own.  She had more than a case of cold feet.  They were numb!  Taking the most direct route, she gathered up her skirts to descend from the trellis from her bedroom window, when she fell into the waiting arms of the original rebel -- Antonio Ryan, her ex-husband.

As a teenager, she'd married Ryan to spite her dad, or so she thought. But as Ryan rescued her in her prenuptial hour of need, dark eyes snapping and leather jacket gleaming, she wondered what it would be like to climb onto his motorcycle...and back into his life.

Ryan's Bride

Lockruf der Versuchung (German)
Nachtelijke bekentenissen (Dutch)

Harlequin American Romance # 575, March 1995
Affaire de Coeur 'Top Ten'
ISBN# 0-373-16575-7



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