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Touch Me Not

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His senses were all-powerful...

Caught in a cave-in, photojournalist Lucas Blackthorn was buried in a labyrinth under an ancient palace. When he emerged, he'd developed superacute senses. He kept them secret, but they made the world outside Blackthorn Manor almost impossible to bear...

Only Lucas's childhood crush, Gilly Quinn, was determined to lure Lucas from his lair. But she had another project, too to clean up her dangerous neighborhood. And when that landed her in hot water, a mysterious crime avenger magically appeared!

Gilly quickly began to call for 'Nightshade,' her sexy rescuer and to wish that he and Lucas could be one and the same man. And then suddenly she began to suspect her crazy wish was more than a fantasy...

Touch Me Not

Een magische kracht  (Dutch)
Contact interdit (French)

Harlequin American Romance #593, August 1997
ISBN# 0-373-16593-5


Touch Me Not  

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