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Tuesday's Knight

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Manhattan single mom Kally Malone is too busy keeping track of her 7-going-on-35-year-old daughter, Tuesday, to deal with magical books and imaginary knights.  But when Tuesday brings home a book called 'Sir Crispin, the Golden Knight of Yore,' Kally can't help giving it a glance.  And before she knows it, there are two fully-armored knights doing battle in her tiny living room!  What's a 20th century woman to do?  Dealing with the intricacies of dismantling armor is bad enough,
but now she has to feed them; fend off her landlady, her ex-husband, and the crazy psychic downstairs; somehow dampen Tuesday's enthusiasm for these guys; and still manage to keep unaffected by either the Golden Knight's dazzling white smile or the Dark Knight's sardonic wit.  Is Kally losing her mind?  Can she cope with even one of Tuesday's Knights?

Tuesday's Knight

Le chevalier de l'ombre (French)

Harlequin American Romance #740, August 1998
ISBN# 0-373-16740-7



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