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The Van Renn Legacy

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When Daisy Van Renn began to search for clues in her grandfather's madcap treasure hunt, the rules were strict -- no press, and no professionals.  But what about partners?  Because it seemed, rules or no rules, that Peter Devlin has signed on for the duration.  Daisy's feelings were mixed.  The suave, renegade Mr. Devlin had a knack with Grandfather's sphinx-like clues, and their wild dash through Long Island and Manhattan was taking them ever closer to the mysterious treasure.

Yet Daisy repeatedly found herself in barely legal, shockingly risque situations that Peter, quite suspiciously, seemed to find amusing. Grandfather would never have approved of Daisy's partner; Daisy wasn't even sure she did!

The Van Renn Legacy

La course du bonheur (French)
Una Rolls Royce d’argento (Italian)
El legado Van Renn (Spanish)

Harlequin American Romance #158, July 1986
Golden Heart Finalist
ISBN# 0-373-16158-1


The Van Renn Legacy  

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