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In her wildest dreams, Jo Wentworth could never have imagined herself riding on top of a giant, crepe-paper-stuffed whale, right down the middle of Main Street.  But when a good cause was involved, Jo didn't believe in saying no.  The middle child in the 'fabulous Wentworths,' Jo was an idealist, a doer, a true believer.  But into her favorite cause -- a clean water organization called Water Works -- walked Neil Hawthorne, a lawyer and (God forbid) a politician.  Neil knew how the real world operated, and he didnn't want to be the one to explain it to Jo, to burst all her pretty bubbles.  Still, he had a job to do, a job that involved offering his legal services to Jo's group.  Before he knew it, his sneaky plans have backfired -- because Jo --and her group -- are slippery when wet.


Villikukka (Finnish)
En stilla flirt (Swedish)
Villrosen (Norwegian)
Wildflower (Japanese)

Harlequin American Romance #236, February 1988
Book 2, Wentworth Sisters trilogy
ISBN# 0-373-16236-7



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